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Winners of the school competition “The Sun at a Glance”

First prize: "Brief history of solar observations"


Liceo scientifico "A. Labriola" 
Rome (Italy)

Matteo Muller
Daniele Pifferi
Vittoriana Papi
Kaloian Tedeschi Kristo
Francesca Giammei
A total of 561 exceptionally creative infographics have been submitted to the EST school competition "The Sun at a Glance".  This material will be included in the EST Solarpedia, an online encyclopedia that will cover a broad range of topics related to the Sun in a comprehensive way. The EST Solarpedia will soon be available on the EST website to be consulted by anyone interested in solar astronomy.  
The international jury, consisting of experts from different disciplines, had a hard time choosing the winners. The final decision is announced below. The teams ranked in the first and second place will travel to Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) to visit Teide Observatory and the solar telescopes in operation there. The team ranked in the third place will receive an H-Alpha telescope for observations of the solar chromosphere.
In addition, and due to the very high quality of their infographics, also the top 15 finalists are listed below. They will receive a kit of books and EST material as a small prize. 
Congratulations to all the students and teachers involved!